Personal Projects

Mindful Tibet

A project dedicated to celebrating the rich and vibrant culture of Tibet as seen through the eyes of the Tibetan refugees in India. 

The aim of Mindful Tibet is to promote awareness of Tibet’s culture, history, and struggle for identity. The site shares stories from writers based in Dharamsala, some of them Tibetan refugees and others from people who have experienced the extraordinary culture and purpose of these people. 

Sharing My Home

A website guide for those interested in making money short-term renting real estate via Airbnb, VRBO & other platforms.

A website started based on my experiences of generating a second income from renting property on Airbnb and VRBO. I explore best practices for getting listing more views, risk-management tips, and regulatory information for investors.  

Elements Coworking Retreat

A coworking retreat in the Rocky Mountains for those wishing to escape distraction, engage with nature, and focus. 

Elements is my passion project. Ever since moving to Colorado in 2010, I’ve wanted to live in a remote place in the mountains. The question I’ve been trying to answer since is how to live someone connected to nature while still maintaining community connections. A friend told me to “build a place where you want to be that will attract the the people you want to be with.” Elements is the means to build the community while I find the right location and build the space. 

Ivy Courses (coming soon)

A review of the best online courses from the top American universities. 

This is a side project providing reviews of online courses from top universities. The goal will be to help people navigate the maze that is online courses so that they can select the ones that meet their desired learning and career outcomes. 

Mindful Shirts (coming soon)

An e-commerce venture aimed at enabling spiritual people to express themselves through fashion wear.  

T-shirts are a mode of expression, whether it’s to announce your favorite band, your collegiate allegiance, or a means to promote your sense of humor. Mindful Shirts is along the same lines. It will allow you to promote how you feel about the world. 

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