About Me

I’m Alec. Digital transformation educator and advisor, world traveler, dog owner, and very average mountain biker.

Helping business leaders understand the power of disruptive digital technologies.

My Professional Story

For the past 20 years, my career and work has been tied to the evolving digital world. I was a digital nomad before the term existed, an expert in SEO when no one knew what SEO meant (not very lucrative!). More recently, I’ve expanded from helping companies incorporate digital into their growth strategies to using innovations in digital technologies to transform all aspects of business operations. 

CAreer Highlights


Award winning digital marketing campaign for top university


growth strategy and business development for 2 VC Funded startups


Performance Turnaround of a 250 person tech support operation


Designed and taught courses in Digital marketing and Entrepreneurship

Digitally Optimizing Business Processes.


My Approach

I work with some of the most highly regarded university faculty in the discipline of digital technology and digital transformation. I help transfer knowledge from faculty research to business leaders through online courses in digital marketing, digital transformation, and disruptive technologies. I’m also developing my thoughts, opinions and ideas in these subject areas. I share these thoughts in my blog.

Please connect with me on LinkedIn or reach out directly via my contact page. I am available for consulting and speaking opportunities.

Exploring the world, understanding cultures, and constantly learning.  

My Personal Story

I grew up in a wee town in Scotland during the recession years of the 80s. I was lucky, I had a path out to the United States thanks to my Dad. I went from being in a situation of accepting one’s lot to one of infinite opportunity and exploration. I’ve explored the world, met many wonderful people, and through it all, realize that my connections, my community, are the most important parts of my life. And my dog, Fitzroy, of course!

Personal Highlights


Traveled to 60+ countries, lived in 5, and maintain friendships in almost all of them


Summitted the highest active volcano in the world - cotopaxi, 2007


Completed and finished in the top 3 of several 24 hour mountain bike events


Traversed the Indian subcontinent in an auto-rickshaw painted as a Tiger. sometimes the silliest things give you a better perspective of life.

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